Why Greenreat?
Greencreate products use South Korea's Neon antibacterial technology, material safety and environmental protection. South Korea's Neon-pro-environmental antibacterial solution is composed of natural boot materials that do not contain any harmful ingredients and effectively address the threat of harmful bacteria. Make customers more comfortable using the entire range of Greenreat products.

Greencreate is affiliated with Shenzhen Yanjia Health Technology Co., Ltd. and specializes in antibacterial household products and health appliances. It is a senior industrial design agency of the "National High-tech Enterprise", "Governing Unit of the China Industrial Design Association", and a well-known anti-bacterial material company in South Korea. It focuses on the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of household products for more than 20 years. Joint venture establishment.

Through the application of "Niuangqin's Environmental Antibacterial Solution" across the Greencreate product, consumers are provided with a relatively safe and less bacterial threat. Strict quality standards are applied to products, and samples will be sent to the site at the first time after production.



1, through the investment consultation, and fill in the application form.
2, the company assessment, the specific situation and conditions of the franchisor to review.
3, the company signed a franchise contract with the franchisee to clarify the cooperation methods,
rights and obligations of the two parties.
4, According to the opening address provided by the franchisees, the company determines the
feasibility of the project and determines the final location plan jointly.
5, the franchise to provide shop operation training, store decoration design
6, implementation of business promotion program and business opening