The Chinese Academy of Sciences automation shows the "artificial intelligence +"
DATE: 2018-06-16 10:28:43 FROM:Greencreate VIEWS:

China Youth Online Beijing May 20 (China Youth Daily Green online reporter Qiu Chenhui) since the first written to the government work report, "artificial intelligence" has been increasing attention. Today, the Institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is based on "intelligent science and technology", has attracted the participation of many citizens and primary and middle school students with the help of this hot show "artificial intelligence +" innovation results at the thirteenth "automation light" public science opening day.

At the site of the public day of the automation, there is a special "artificial intelligence +" exhibition area, which shows the "artificial intelligence +" series of integration of automation in the field of artificial intelligence, including artificial intelligence + medical rehabilitation, artificial intelligence + biometric authentication, artificial intelligence + intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence + flat. System, artificial intelligence +FAST major project, artificial intelligence + culture technology.

According to the introduction, the Institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences focuses on Intelligent Science and technology, which is guided by brain intelligence, through the brain - inspired cognitive function simulation of brain - like brain, and the innovation of intelligent information processing theory of brain - like intelligence, leading to the original innovation of the core devices, basic software and autonomous intelligent systems of artificial intelligence, producing a technology leading intelligence. Software and hardware systems and services. With the theme of "artificial intelligence in the leading world of Chinese innovation brain science", the public day focused on the innovative development of brain intelligence and artificial intelligence.

On the same day, the brain intelligent exhibition area on the day of the public showed the advanced results of micro reconstruction of the brain, the linkage map of brain function, electroencephalogram detection equipment, cognitive brain model, human-computer interaction and intelligent growth, intelligent robot, hand eye - brain robot and so on. Among them, the brain network group was selected to be selected by the academicians of the two academicians in 2016, "China's ten science and technology progress news" and the "Chinese ten medical progress" in 2016. This event was also popular with the audience. (editors of the Ministry of Education Science)